Studio-Tag is a new interactive showroom that focuses on supporting designers through every phase of their creative process, working proactively with them to make informed design decisions. Studio-Tag has adopted a new curatorial approach that is targeted towards commercial, corporate and hospitality interiors - bridging quality, design, and relevant pricing for these sectors.

Studio-Tag represents a multitude of international and local manufacturers, which have been carefully selected bringing a new point of view, one that is bilaterally creative, fresh in perspective and affordable. The Studio allows designers to see, feel and test products in order to truly allow them to bring forth the perfect design solutions. Conceived to be a turnkey solution, Studio-Tag works with designers from the onset: from the conceptual design phase and assisting in selecting suitable products while considering the designer's design brief and layout as well as client needs, creating a truly customized design solution.

The new showroom is one part modern boutique hotel lounge, one part collective think tank. It functions as both a gallery and a laboratory of sorts and showcases its highly customizable design offerings in curated vignettes. The space boasts a moody yet functional aesthetic - rich anthracite walls, plush jewel tone furniture, a live green wall, and Studio-Tag's signature LEED- certified Tagwall architectural glass wall environments.Each installation exhibits the Studio's ability to offer a wide variety of flexible product choices.