Born in 2015, Studio-Tag was founded on the main principal of revolutionizing the specifying experience for the Architecture and Design community working within the contract and hospitality industries.

Studio-Tag is the brainchild of the two founders: Emma Robson and Jon Offerman, who bring years of experience working within every sector of design - construction, architecture and interior design, furniture selection and space planning. Designed by Robson based on her contract experience in sales and the trends she's observed in workspace interiors coming out of Europe, the Studio is a collaborative work environment space that functions as a live case study.

"I hope the showroom inspires designers and supports them in their creative process" said Robson. "My experience in the contract design industry, particularly when dealing with the challenges of the rapidly evolving workplace environments, has allowed me to acquire valuable insight into the needs of a project. Designers expect concise information and a showroom experience that is informative, uniquely approached and enjoyable. My ambition has always been to represent and work with the best manufacturers and designers in the world. Studio-Tag has afforded me the opportunity to do this. It is extremely liberating to work in an environment where there is substance, longevity and the design is and always will be relevant."

The 6200 Sq. Ft. showroom located in the historical Plant building near Times Square has been a source of collaboration, energy, and purpose ever since legends like John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix recorded some of their iconic hits in the Record Plant Studio.