Art Rugs

At ART RUGS, we specialize in pioneering collections of the highest-quality traditional and contemporary handcrafted rugs.

Originally based out of Istanbul Turkey for nearly 40 years, and now headquartered for over a decade here in the United States, Art Rugs has enchanted and thrilled the rug and design world with their unique brand of breathtaking, one-of-a-kind rug collections, meticulously handcrafted and imported from such countries as Turkey, India, and Pakistan.

From styles such as traditional classics, to award-winning high-end productions, to the latest fashions within the industry, Art Rugs has established themselves as one of the more desired companies due to their rug selections which span the entire rug spectrum.

Quality craftsmanship, artistic integrity, and a humanistic story - these are the core values of a recognizable Art Rugs design. Whether a room requires a striking centerpiece, or a quiet yet powerful complement, Art Rugs provides the perfect rug for any and all types of settings: the home, the office, the communal space.

Art Rugs specialty lies in contemporizing the traditional rug motif, and crafting fresh, never before seen rug designs that are truly organic and exceptional. For inspiration, each exclusive Art Rugs collection draws from the wide, varying palettes and moods of nature and history, uniting tradition and trend in every piece.

Each and every client is always given special attention in order to ensure the client, the perfect piece for their specific project's needs. Rugs are available ready-made in a set of standard sizes, or can be custom- tailored for a specific room's requirements.