Having spent over 10 years designing, making and managing other people's furniture around Asia, Mattand Dan decided to set up m.a.d. in 2010 to satisfy their own quest to design and develop useful, affordable and desirable furniture for the modern urban dweller.

Fresh, innovative, contemporary, our furniture is developed without compromise and to our own high standards. We aim to design and manufacture products that ensure a complete product experience for our clients and the end user.

Our design team is a collaboration of like-minded, international product designers based around the world. Our operations are based in Asia and include the 'm.a.d. lab'™ product development and testing facility and our own production assembly plant in Southern China. We currently ship from our facilities to clients in 20 countries worldwide.

m.a.d.'s flexible nature and professional team also allows us to offer custom design, development and production management of furniture and other products in a range of materials and processes across Asia.

We're interested in opportunities from around the world. We are flexible in our volume expectations and can accommodate both retail and contract enquiries about our designs.