Desking & Benching
Henner Jahns
TeamWorx is a desking system that offers unique styling and unprecedented flexibility for today's changing office environment. TeamWorx allows you to maximize employee productivity while minimizing floor space. It's easy to install, easy to specify, and easy to reconfigure.

To enhance privacy and maximize personal storage, you can configure TeamWorx with a variety of storage and privacy options.

TeamWorx unique flexibility is based around CargoHubs, which act as a container for different storage inserts. Cargo Hubs can be ordered in various sizes, and the 16 different types of inserts can be easily reconfigured in the field, such as box-file pedestals, lateral pedestals, bookcases, and storage cabinets.

TeamWorx offers multiple solutions for bringing power and data to workstations. Our V2 system offers two upward facing power outlets, two side-facing electrical outlets (below the worksurface), and two upward facing data cut-outs. Our S1 system is a value-priced daisy-chained system that requires pass-through grommets to bring power cabling to the worksurface. It does not include data cut-outs.