Gabriel Teixido
Simple, functional and smart. With a construction inspired by modern architecture. A table with strength and style. The sculptural system of tension rods and the structural profile provides a graceful rigidity. A table designed to take center stage. Adaptable to any functional or space requirements or to any style of organization. Multiple options in design, materials, technology and finishes for the needs of the modern workplace.

Simplicity is the key. Simplicity based on strength, functionality and elegance. K_SYSTEM defines the shape of the table -the heart- with a single line. A tructural perimeter, light yet strong; simple and impactful.

K_SYSTEM offers a range of accessories and auxiliary surfaces so spaces can evolve and adapt with changing needs. Each element shares these simple lines. Coming together to improve functionality and productivity.

K_SYSTEM enhances collaboration, creativity and teamwork while offering options to ensure privacy and personalization of space.