Gabriel Teixido
Simple, elegant and practical. OIKOS is a world full of possibilities. Design and materials join together to create spaces with a clear identity.

Polished aluminium profiles, natural wood, textured colors. Rich in shapes and materials Welcome to the world of OIKOS. Flexible and adaptable. The ideal solution for designing unique spaces. Storage units are a basic element in the OIKOS world. Doors and drawer fronts in contrasting materials and finis- hes can be combined for personalization.

The strong polished aluminum profile is present in all the elements creating cohesion, communicating strength and enhancing flexibility. Work surfaces come in wood, leather or glass. Fronts can be wood or lacquered. OIKOS Combines a strong metal profile that communicates strength and reliability with the natural elements of wood and leather that communicate warmth and humanity.

Multi-purpose desking can serve as individual, shared or activity-based work areas. OIKOS desking works in private office, open plan or conference areas.